Thriving in a World of Expectations and Definitions

Recent International Women’s Day on 8 March 2021 promotes the theme of #ChooseToChallenge which means to challenge gender inequality because only with a challenge there comes a change. This theme emphasizes the importance of holding the people, institutions, norms, or toxic culture accountable for gender bias and inequality so that major change can take place to make everything more inclusive.

The spirit and philosophy of International Women’s Day are not only applicable to women but it is applicable to every individual as everyone deserves the right to live well and be given equal rights regardless of their sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, ets. Everyone has the right to thrive both personally and professionally without being limited or defined by anyone else.

Here are some aspects that you can focus on to keep on thriving in a world of expectations and definitions:

1. Mindset

One of the challenges to break free from restricting norms or culture is our own mindset. We’ve been programmed to follow the status quo and sacrificing our happiness for the sake of others. Start to be aware of what makes you truly happy by practicing mindfulness or meditation so you can connect more to your heart and figure out the life that will bring you happiness and success.

2. Self Love

It is extremely important to love yourself first. Once you are able to see that you are worthy to be happy and deserving of living the life that you desire according to your definition, then you will start taking action to pursue it for yourself!

3. Honor Yourself

Stop living up to other people’s expectation and start honoring yourself by pursuing what truly makes you happy. Your definition of happiness and success is valid regardless of what other people say.

4. Self Courage

The last part of it is to be courageous. Surround yourself with people or a community who can support you and give you a safe space to express your dreams and pursue them without judgment!

We, at The Golden Space Indonesia, are committed to give you safe space and lift you up through our self-empowerment workshops and classes so you can thrive based on your definition of success!